2009 Physics Department
Oregon State University

Syllabus for Winter 2009

last update 3 March 2009
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Day Date Topic
Before Class
T Jan 6 Review and introduction Probs Solutions W1600
W Jan 7 Collisions 9.1-9.3 Probs Solutions R1500
R Jan 8 Collisions 9.4-9.6 Probs Solutions M1700
T* Jan 13 Collisions 9.7-9.10 Probs Solutions W1600 Rel. Probs.
W Jan 14 Angular momentum 10.1-10.3 Probs Solutions R1500
R Jan 15 Consv. of ang. mom. 10.4-10.6 Probs Solutions T1000 InertiaTable
T* Jan 20 Torque & ang. mom 10.7-10.10
W Jan 21 Statistical mechanics 11.1-11.3 Probs Solutions R1500
R Jan 22 Entropy, 2nd law 11.4-11.6 Probs Solutions M1700
T* Jan 27 Boltzmann distr. 11.7-11.8
W Jan 28 Ideal gas law 12.1-12.4 Probs Solutions R1500
R Jan 29 First law of thermo. 12.5-12.6 Probs Solutions M1700 Process Wksht
T* Feb 3 Efficiency of engines 12.7-12.9 Cycle Wksht
W Feb 4 Fluid statics HRK 15.1-15.3 Probs Solutions R1500
R Feb 5 Fluid statics HRK 15.4-15.5 Probs Solutions M1700
T* Feb 10 Fluid dynamics HRK 16.1-16.4
W Feb 11 Wave motion HRK 18.1-18.4 Probs Solutions R1500
R Feb 12 Wave motion HRK 18.7-18.10 Probs Solutions M1700 Waves Wksht
T* Feb 17 Sound waves HRK 19.1,2,3,6,7
W Feb 18 Electric fields 13.1-13.3 Probs Solutions R1500
R Feb 19 Adding elec. fields 13.4-13.6 Probs Solutions M1700
T* Feb 24 Elec. fields in matter 14.1-14.4 Probs Solutions W1600
W Feb 25 Elec. fields in matter 14.5-14.7
R Feb 26 E field of charge dist. 15.1-15.3 Probs Solutions M1700 E fields Wksht
T* Mar 3 E field of ring, disk 15.4-15.6 Probs Solutions W1600
W Mar 4 E field of sphere 15.7-15.9 Probs Solutions R1500
R Mar 5 Elec. potential energy 16.1-16.2 Probs Solutions M1700
T* Mar 10 Electric potential 16.3-16.5
W Mar 11 Potential difference 16.6-16.9
R Mar 12 Energy and elec. field 16.10-16.12
W Mar 18 1800 Final exam
*There will be a test on each unit on the Tuesdays indicated.
If you have comments or suggestions, email Prof. McIntyre at mcintyre@ucs.orst.edu

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