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Pierce-Bellio Modern Likelihood-Frequentist Inference Published in International Statistical Review 2017

Oregon State Stats Talk October 2016

Talk at RERF April 2016: Computing Survivor Dose Estimates

Reference Material for that RERF Talk (zipfile)

Talk for OHSU RIP meeting Jan 2015

Talk for NIC Rad Epi Branch 2014

Pierce Resume

Stata package (zipfile) for CoxReg paper

R package Windows executable (zipfile) for CoxReg paper

R package source (zipfile) for CoxReg paper

A-Bomb Survivors Talk: OHSU Anesthesiology 2011

Materials for Padua survival short course

Pierce, Vaeth, Cologne. Allowance for Random Errors ...

Talk at Perugia on likelihood asymtotics and MCMC

Lecture at Aviano on Follow-Up of A-Bomb Survivors

Role of Statisticians in Follow-Up of A-Bomb Survivors

Notes from 1980 Stanford theory course

Slide show of Italian scenes

At work in Japan

Pierce presentation at UW & USC Biostat seminars, Spring 2007.

Pierce & Bellio, Effects of the reference set on frequentist inferences . Biometrika 2006 425-38.

Pierce presentation at Aarhus Biostat anniversary.

Pierce & Vaeth, Age-time patterns of cancer to be anticipated from exposure to general mutagens. Biostatistics 22, 231-248 (2003).

Pierce, Age-time patterns of radiogenic cancer risk: their nature and likely explanations. J. Radiol. Prot. 22, A147-154 (2002)

Pierce & Kellerer, Adjusting for covariate errors with nonparametric assessment of the true covariate distribution. Biometrika 2004 863-76.

Pierce, Sharp & Mabuchi, Joint effects of radiation and smoking on lung cancer risk among atomic bomb survivors. Radiat. Res. 159, 511-520 (2003).

Pierce, Commentary and Response: Mechanistic models for radiation carcinogenesis and the atomic bomb survivor data. Radiat. Res. 160, 718-723 (2003).

Pierce presentation at GSF Workshop.

Pierce presentation at ASA Radiation and Health Conference.

Pierce Reference Set Talk.