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CH 461 & 461H primarily covers instrumental analysis and sample preparation in analytical chemistry for chemistry majors. This is the first term of the junior level Integrated Laboratory sequence for chemistry majors. Students learn to integrate experimental techniques and ideas from analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry to solve multidiscipline problems. Small class size of 24 students.  E.Chem I, CH 362, is a prereq and co-requisites are CH 421 and CH 440 (can be taken simultaneously with CH 461 lab).  A special project of the student's own design is a major component of this course. Some examples of special projects done in the past are given below.

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The Special Project is an important component of CH 461.
For a list of titles for other special projects done by past Experimental Chemistry II students click here.  A real world sample is chosen by the student for analysis. Student projects from the last few years include:

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