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Advanced Organic Chemistry ( CRN 12618 )

Homework Sets

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Homework Sets

Set 1 (Due Friday, October 10)
Answers key for PS1

Set 2 (Due Friday, October 17)
Answer key for PS2

Set 3 (Due Friday, October 24)
Answer key for PS3

Set 4 (Due Friday, November 7)
Answer key for PS4 

Set 5 (Due Friday, November 14)  
Answer key for PS5

Set 6 (Due Friday, November 21)
Answer key for PS6

Set 7 (Nongraded)
Answer key for PS 7


Homework will be discussed at a class meeting every Saturday at 10 a.m. in Room 101 Gilbert Addition.
This will begin Saturday, October 11. Attendance is NOT required, but students have found these useful in the past

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