PH 575 Introduction to Solid State Physics, 3 credits, Spring 2019



Today is World Metrology Day, and we have a new kilogram standard! Read about it at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) site. Here is a Vox article that does a reasonable job of discussing it for the layperson (but note the error in the discussion of the units of Planck's constant!).


Some solid state physics in the news - ice-XVIII.


The final exam will be held at the advertised time of Thursday June 13 in Weniger 304. Please bring a prepared sheet of notes, one side of one 8.5 x 11“ paper.

Old Announcements

Week 1

1Mon 4/1Review of complex numbers (PH grad students taking comp exam may request a repeat)Worksheets & articles Quiz_1
2Wed 4/3General discussion of course & admin. Set up key questions: How electrons are distributed in space, energy and momentum. Starting point: Atomic orbitals of hydrogen atom.Sutton Ch1, pp. 9-20 HW#1
see L1 Fri 4/5Review of QM operators, bras, kets; finish Quiz 1; Linear superpositions of orbitals. Example: Y11,Y10,Y1-1; px,py,pz, and representing Lz- Browse the "The Orbitron" site

Week 2

4Mon 4/8 Homonuclear diatomic molecule. Linear combinations of atomic orbitals, matrix representation, on-site energy, hopping energy, overlap integral.S: Ch. 2, pp. 25-35 -
5Wed 4/10Review homonuclear diatomic molecule. Heteronuclear diatomic molecule. Sigma and pi bonds S: Ch. 2, pp. 25-35 hw1 due; HW#2
6Fri 4/12 Homonuclear chain, energies, molecular orbitalsS: Ch. 3, pp. 38-52 -

Week 3

7Mon 4/15 &16Homonuclear chain, 1-d Brillioun zone, dispersion relation. S: Ch. 3, pp. 38-52, (K:Ch2);(A&M:Ch5) MO coefficients worksheet
8Wed 4/17k-space; 2D & 3D square lattice dispersion Ch. 4, pp. 74-80 Dispersion triangular lattice
9Fri 4/19 2&3D cont'd, Bloch functions, Fermi energy, density of states 1,2,3-D S: Ch 3 pp.47-49; p 55, Ch.4 pp 88-92hw 2 due; HW #3

Week 4

10Mon 4/22Density of States 1D S: Ch5, pp. 58-72, pp. 88-92 -
11Wed 4/24Density of States, 2D S: Ch5, pp. 58-72, pp. 88-92; -
12Fri 4/26Open MX work session OpenMX tutorial -

Week 5

13Mon 4/29Basic crystallographyK: Ch.1-2 (not all!); S: pp. 77-80 Crystal lattice worksheet
14Wed 5/1Multiple bands, velocity, Effective mass; m* worksheetS: Ch5, pp. 101-111; S: Ch5, pp. 80-86 hw 3 due HW #4
15Fri 5/3Midterm 1 All material up to and including week 4 -

Week 6

16Mon 5/6Review midterm. Doping in Si (Si:P, Si:B), electrons, holes S: Ch5, pp. 80-86 -
17Wed 5/8Complete electrons, holes. Free electron theory, electronic properties S: Ch. 8, pp. 158-162, K: Ch. 6 -
18Fri 5/10Free electron theory, optical properties assign reading hw 4 due;Hwk 5

Week 7

19Mon 5/13Open MX work session - -
20Wed 5/15Free electrons, specific heatK: Ch 6. pp. 141-147 -
21Fri 5/17Free electron theory, plasma frequencyK: Ch 14 pp. 395-401 -

Week 8

22Mon 5/13Semiconductors, optical properties K: Ch8 pp.187-190, Ch15 pp.435-444 -
23a & 23bWed 5/22Semiconductors, electrical properties K: 205-214; AM: 577-582 Homework 5 due
24Fri 5/24 Open MX work session & poster discussion - -

Week 9

25Mon 5/27 Memorial Day - No class - -
26Wed 5/29 2019 POSTER SESSION - -
27Fri 5/31 Graphene K: Ch 18; graphene -

Week 10

28Mon 6/3Graphene -
29Wed 6/5Phononsread notes, explore websites under “online resources/phonons” (K: Ch4&5; AM:Ch 22&23) Paper due
30Fri 6/7 Review K: Ch4&5; AM:Ch 22&23

Week 11

3106/13/2019final exam6pm Venue: Weniger 304 all material

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