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Rubin H Landau

- Professor Emeritus Physics
- OSU Distinguished Professor
- Founder CPUG BS Program
- Fellow, Amer Phys Soc
- Edu Advisory Comm XSEDE
- Edu Editor, AIP/IEEE CiSE
- Editor, CP Textbooks Series
- Ph.D., MS Univ Illinois 1970
- B.S. Cornell Univ 1965

 A classic for > 25 years, now with neural nets/AI, quantum computing, gen relativity

UCES awards:2006 "1st Course", 2008 "Survey"

Recent Projects:

- 4th Ed: Computational Physics Problem Solving wi Python, 2024 (Quant C, Neural Nets, Gen Rel)

- 2019 AS Talk
- 2018 Book: Computational Problems for Physics

- Arizona State U Colloq, (pptx)
- Computational Physics with Python eBook, Wiley-VCH 2015
- Editor: Physics + Computing Textbooks
- Computational Scientific Thinking for Educators
- BMACC: Blended, Multimodal Access to CP Curricula

BmaccLogo eTextbook Project SilverBalls Computational Scientific Thinking


2024 Python Text Just some Problems Java Paper Text Altr Prob 3 (.mw , .pdf) Unix Web Tuorial (First Love)
FrontCover4th ProblemFront  Survey Cover, Landau et al A First Course in Scientifc Computing
Wiley, 4th Ed, 2024 CRC Press 2018 Princeton U Press, 2008 Princeton, 2006 Wiley, 1992 Wiley, 1995, 1990

Some Computational Science & Physics Publications:

Some Courses: