Environmental Health & Safety

  • REQUIRED: Laser Safety Orienatation and Comprehensive Safety Training,
    Lab room specific training (e.g. any Class IV laser user requires specific in-person training and/or testing as well).

  • Safety training for non-Oregon personnel: Laboratory safety , Hazardous waste , Hazardous signage
  • Chemical Inventories: update here , safety officer forms & info
  • Oregon State Laser Radiation EH&S
  • Oregon State EH&S
  • EH&S Safety Forms , Dept. Forms and hazardous waste pickup request
  • Academic anxiety in graduate school resources & various web opinions (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Resoureces to get help OSU Employee Assistance Program
  • Find your laser lab glasses: Kentek laser eyewear , also try Thorlabs eyewear and occassionally ebay.
  • Laser Lab Construction and Safety Guide (LBNL)

    Basic Resources

  • Do a slide search at Slide Share, download full .ppt files, (great way to get strated, build a story and bororw useful visual aids)
  • Google Journal Metrics: Physics, Spectroscopy, Materials Science
  • Olympus Microscopy Resource
  • Comprehensive long study solar cell course
  • Free citation tools, Zotero and Mendeley
  • MiKTeX, and really nifty editor TeXnic Center .
  • Link to some very sound prospective graduate student advice.

    External Facilities

  • OSU Cleanroom Wiki
  • MASC Facility - MASC Facility
  • OSU Imaging Facility
  • OU CAMCOR Facility Atomic resolution TEM and SEM lithography
  • Portland State Electron Microscopy/Nanofab
  • Horiba Fluor Resource

    Online Equipment Tutorials

  • from the horse's mouth: Hamamatsu: Chooing the right detector
  • Thorlabs quick tutorials
  • Photodiodes, a complete resource
  • Trebino(Gerogia Tech): ultrafast optics course notes

    (free) Software

  • Free OSU software , ufE members please install (Maple/Mathematica, ChemDraw and possibly Gaussian)
  • PyMOL; anytime you need to render a press quality (Python) nanomaterial/molecule graphics
  • povray when the Adobe Suite doesn't cut it (source code graphics)
  • Ninithi; draw carbon nanostrcutures fast (export and render in PyMol)
  • Matplotlib; if you don't like Matlab
  • ImageJ good Java program to process CCD images
  • Blender: make 3D animations
  • MolView - quick pymol sketches
  • 3DOptix
  • Please log into the lab wiki to get our .vi, .m, C-based codes for your specific analytical needs

    (ufE members can request access to Matlab, Spectra(fitting kinetics), Origin Plot, Transform, Adobe Suite, LabView, etc.)

    Useful Vendors One Tends to Forget

  • CVI Melles Griot - high quality custom optics
  • Chroma Tech
  • Spach Optics
  • Spectra Services - used micro stuff
  • Semrock
  • Quater Research - electrical probes
  • Altos Photonics

    Travel Resources

  • Physics Travel Reg Form - submit your travel plans to our accountant before you leave.
  • All ufE PhD students and postdocs are required to present their at leading, competitive conferences. If you have a very strong paper/abstract, lab funding is available. See a good list (and carbon focused list list of upcoming conferences).
  • OSU Travel Forms - if your abstract has been accepted for an oral presentation at a National or International Conference, your travel expenses may be fully or partially reimbursed by the ufE lab.
  • OSU per diem rates
  • Travel reimburement form form
  • OSU Travel Awards- Graduate School
  • College of Science Student Travel Awards

    Graduate Fellowships

  • Resources for Minority Students: fellowships, advice and articles.
  • NSF - Due mid-November, apply in first OR send year of graduate study
  • NSPC - Physical Science Consortrium, due end of Nov. (minority student preference), can apply in any year of grad study
  • NDSEG - National Defense, >2 yrs grad study, Dec 14
  • Ford Foundation Fellowships
  • non-academic postdoc positions
  • DOE Lab Grad Student Research Program
  • DOE Computional Fellowship- physicists welcome, must apply 1st year
  • Microsoft Fellowship- our lab's research area qualifies, must apply in second or thrid year of graduate study.

    Undergraduate fellowships:

    Space grant scholarship in Oregon

    OSSI Space grant scholarships