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The image (flow from Corvallis to Portland calculated with Finite Elements) was made with contributions from MTH 654 students, Fall'13. The video shows Oregon eigenvalues and eigenfunctions, and was prepared for the first OSU Cascade 2014 meeting.

How to learn computing?

Students wanting to gain programming experience may consider the following options:

  • Consider registering for some online (e.g., Coursera) classes on programming. Before, identify exactly what programming language you need/want, and how much time/resources you are willing to invest.
  • High Performance Computing (HPC): you learn by doing, and you should start by learning the command-line Linux.
    • In Winter 2016 we offered a local satellite class MTH 699 (umbrella class for Extreme Scaling Course) with a lot of information on optimzing parallel performance. There may be more classes like that offered if there is enough interested students: please let me know.
  • Matlab tutorials: there are many; e.g., Mathworks tutorial , or MIT MATLAB Tutorial. Also, here is a link to Notes on Computational Mathematics: Matlab written by Prof. Higdon.
  • More numerical analysis explorations and examples in MATLAB can be found via Cleve Moler's website.
FE Fall'11

This image shows Finite Element ornament letters made by students in MTH 654 Fall 2011.

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