Ph 653   Quantum Mechanics III

Physics Department, Oregon State University

Spring 2020 term

Instructor: Oksana Ostroverkhova (Wngr 413)
Lectures: MWF 9am, via Zoom
Course Information
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Final Exam   (Thursday, 06/13)      
DateLectures AssignmentsNotes
01/30 Applications of time-independent perturbation theory: fine structure. (notes) HW 1 (solutions) WS 1  
04/01 Applications of time-independent perturbation theory: hyperfine structure. (notes)   WS 2  
04/03 The variational principle. (notes)   WS 3  
04/06 Time-dependent potentials: the interaction picture. (notes) HW 2 (solutions) WS 4  
04/08 Time-dependent perturbation theory. (notes)   WS 5
04/10 Time-dependent perturbation theory:special cases (notes)   WS 6
04/13 Transitions between continuum states.(notes)   WS 7
04/15 Fermi's golden rule. (notes)   WS 8
04/17 Applications of Fermi's golden rule.(notes) HW 3(solutions) WS 9
04/20 Interaction of radiation with matter. (notes) Vector potential under Hamiltonian WS 10  
04/22 Interaction of radiation with matter(ctd.). (notes)      
04/24 no class HW 4(solutions)    
04/27 Spontaneous emission of radiation. (notes)      
04/29 Spontaneous emission of radiation. (ctd) HW 5(solutions) WS 11  
05/01 Lifetimes, line intensities, widths, and shapes.(notes)      
05/04 Identical particles. (notes)   WS 12  
05/06 Symmetric and anti-symmetric wavefunctions.(notes)   WS 13
05/08 The helium atom. (notes) HW 6(solutions)  
05/11 The helium atom (ctd). (notes)    
05/13 Midterm(solutions)  
05/15 The helium atom (ctd). (notes)    
05/18 Introduction to quantum theory of scattering.(notes) HW 7(solutions) WS 14
05/20 Integral scattering equation. Scattering by a central potential.(notes)   WS 15
05/22 Born approximation. (notes)    
05/25 No class: Memorial Day  
05/27 Method of partial waves.(notes) HW 8(solutions)  
05/29 Method of partial waves (ctd).(notes) Presentation Rubric