The view from the other side of the mountains: exploring the middle division.

Abstract: In 1997/98, Oregon State University undertook to re-envision its entire curriculum for physics majors, paying particular attention to helping students make the transition from lower- to upper-level courses—the middle-division. We changed so many aspects of our curriculum that we are now in an entirely different ecosystem from where we started. It has been a long and fascinating journey, over a large potential-energy barrier. Our new environment is one where students and faculty can grow and thrive. Now, ten years later, I hope to entice you to explore with us.

On the links below, you can see each of my powerpoint slides. Scroll down below the slide for a brief description of what I intended to say and links to relevant sections/activities in the portfolioswiki. Since I ad lib a lot, there's no real way to tell what I actually said. :-)

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