Winter 2021
Course Facilitator:
Matt W. Graham (web)
Email: graham --AT--
Phone: 510.737.4386
Office Hours: W 12-1, F 11-12, Zoom-link

Department Head: Heidi Schellman (web)
Email: physchair --AT--

Class Meeting Time: Mondays 2.00 - 2.50pm

Main course webpage is mirrored on Canvas.


[Course Zoom Link]

Week 1: Welcome to the Department of Physics at Oregon State [Intro Slides, day 1]

Week 2: Applying for Internships/Jobs/Graduate School [deck 1, deck 2]

With a physics degree, the sky can be the limit for your career options! In this session, Claire Wu, Assistant Director of Career Development Center, will use interactive activities to help you start thinking about how identifying how our values and interests will have an impact on your career satisfaction.

Week 3: MLK Day (no class)

Week 4: Internships and Jobs, Prof. Heidi Schellman

Which ones are there?  How do you apply?  Are you qualified?

Check out and for information about specific programs. We'll go over what's out there, how to get good reference letters, are you selling yourself short?  Check out the links above and ask about your favorite.

Week 5: Planning for the future and making yourself competitive now. [Slides]

Applying for Scholarships/Internships/Jobs/Graduate School
Hazel Betz's Internship Video
Hazel's Handout

Possibly helpful links:

COS Scholarships
SPS National Scholarships
URSA Engage
SURE Science mid-March
Letters of Recommendation
Personal Essays
APS Jobs Powerpoint

Week 6: Preview of Paradigms in Physics (slides)

Critical Resources:
i. Advising
ii. Physics Major
iii. Sample Curriculum
iv. CoS Help

Paradigms in Physics is the unique upper-division coursework in physics at Oregon State.

Week 7:
i. Introduction the Department Research and WIC Degree Requirement. Experiential learning (slide deck)

ii. Research lab scavenger hunt.

Week 8:
i. Team-based exercises in Physics. Friendly 4-round competition via. google forms.
ii. Introduction to Optical and Condensed Matter Research in Physics; the Micro-Femto Energetics Lab

Week 9: (day 9 intro)
i. Introduction to Research in Theoretical Physics, perspectives in quantum cosmology research by Professor David Craig

ii. Highlights of Breakthroughs in Physics: Nobel Prize 2020

Week 10: Oregon State Physics in Industry Panel (day 10 intro)

Welcome our distinguished guest panelitsts Hazel Betz and Josh Kevek from Intel Inc. in Beaverton.