OMLI Geometry Team

The Oregon Mathematics Leadership Institute (OMLI) is a Math and Science Partnership aimed at increasing mathematics achievement of students in partner K–12 schools through the creation of sustainable leadership capacity. OMLI's 3-week summer institute offers both content and leadership courses for in-service teachers. OMLI is supported in part by National Science Foundation grant EHR–0412553 and by the Oregon Department of Education under ESEA Title II-B.

The OMLI Geometry Team designed and taught one of the content courses, called Comparing Geometries, which uses non-Euclidean geometry to enhance teachers' understanding of Euclidean geometry. This course was offered at the OMLI summer institutes from 2005–2007; graduate credit was available through Oregon State University. Our most recent course syllabus can be found here.

The OMLI Geometry Team consists of:




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