Prospective Applied & Computational Mathematics Students

If you are a student interested in Applied and Computational Mathematics, I would be happy to talk to you about potential projects. If you are contemplating a career in Applied/Computational Mathematics, but do not know where to begin, take a look at these webpages on

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College of Science "Teaching & Advising" Awards, Winter 2019

PhD Students

  1. Fernando Angulo Barba- Current

  2. Victory Obieke- Current

  3. Sebastián Naranjo Álvarez PhD Winter 2021

    Thesis Title: Virtual Element Methods for Magnetohydrodynamics on General Polygonal and Polyhedral Meshes

    First Job :Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca in Italy.
    Current Job :Computational Engineer (development of scientific computation software) SandBox Semiconductor, Feb 2022 - Present

    1. OSU NRT Graduate Trainee in Risk and Uncertainty Quantification in the Marine Sciences . Fully funded NSF fellowship in AY 2017-2018.
    2. Completed two summer internships at Los Alamos National Laboratory with advisor Vitaliy Gyrya in the Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics group, funded by the NSF NRT program on Oregon State campus and an INTERN supplement to Professor Bokil's NSF grant..
    1. S. Naranjo Alvarez, V. A. Bokil, V. Gyrya, and G. Manzini, The virtual element method for resistive magnetohydrodynamics, Submitted, April 2020.
    2. S. Naranjo Álvarez, V. A. Bokil, V. Gyrya, G. Manzini, The virtual element method for the coupled system of magneto-hydrodynamics , Book Chapter, Submitted, February 2021.

  4. Puttha Sakkaplangkul, PhD Spring 2017
    Thesis Title: Multiscale Methods and Energy Stable Discretizations for Maxwell’s Equations in Linear and Nonlinear Materials

    Current Job : Lecturer, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand.
    First Job: Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan State University


    1. Puttha Sakkaplangkul and V. A. Bokil, Convergence Analysis of Yee-FDTD Schemes for 3D Maxwell's Equations in Linear Dispersive Media , Submitted, February 2021.

    2. Puttha Sakkaplangkul, V. A. Bokil, and Camille Carvalho, A Fully Fourth Order Accurate Energy Stable Finite Difference Method for Maxwell’s Equations in Metamaterials, accepted, IEEE Journal on Multiscale and Multiphysics Computational Techniques, 2019.

    3. Yan Jiang, Puttha Sakkaplangkul, V. A. Bokil, Yingda Cheng and Fengyan Li, Dispersion Analysis of Finite Difference and Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes for Maxwell's Equations in Linear Lorentz Media Volume 394(1), Pages 100-135, Journal of Computational Physics, October 2019.

    4. V. A. Bokil, Y. Cheng, Y. Jiang, F. Li and P. Sakkaplangkul, High Spatial Order Energy Stable FDTD Methods for Maxwell's Equations in Nonlinear Optical Media in One Dimension, J. Ssientific Computing 2018.

    5. V. A. Bokil and P. Sakkaplangkul, Construction and Analysis of Weighted Sequential Splitting FDTD Methods for the 3D Maxwell's Equations , International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling, 2018.

  5. Duncan McGregor, PhD Spring 2016, (co-advised with Nathan Gibson)
    Thesis Title: Compatible Discretizations for Maxwell's Equations with General Constitutive Laws

    Current Job: Staff Member, Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM


    1. V. A. Bokil, V. Gyrya and D. A. McGregor, A Dispersion Minimized Mimetic Method for Cold Plasma , Proceedings ECCOMAS 2016.

    2. V. A. Bokil, N. L. Gibson, D. A. McGregor and C. R. Woodside, Toward Estimating Current Densities in Magnetohydrodynamic Generators , CCP 2014 Proceedings, Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS), published by the IOP, to appear 2015.

    3. V. A. Bokil , N. L. Gibson, V. Gyrya and D. A. McGregor, Dispersion Reducing Methods for Edge Discretizations of the Vector Wave Equation , To appear, J. Comp. Phys., 2015.

  6. Carrie Manore, PhD Spring 2011
    Thesis Title: Non-spatial and spatial models for multi-host pathogen spread in competing species: applications to barley yellow dwarf virus and rinderpest

    Current Job: Staff Member, Information Systems and Modeling Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
    Past Job: NSF SEES Postdoctoral Fellow , Los Alamos National Laboratory, Center for Computational Science, Tulane University.

    Read about Carrie's recent research on Covid-19.



    1. S. M. Moore, C. A. Manore, V. A. Bokil, E. T. Borer and P. R. Hosseini, Spatiotemporal Model of Barley and Cereal Yellow Dwarf Virus Transmission Dynamics with Seasonality and Plant Competition, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 73(11), 2707-2730, 2011. Winner of the 2012 Lee Segel Prize
    2. V. A. Bokil and C. A. Manore, Linking Population Dynamics and Disease Models for Multi-Host Pathogen Systems: Implications for Pathogen and Species Invasion, To appear: Special Issue on Modelling in Infectious Diseases, J. Biol. Sys., 2014.

    3. Frank M. Hilker, Linda J. S. Allen, Vrushali A. Bokil, Cheryl J. Briggs, Zhilan Feng, Karen A. Garrett, Louis J. Gross, Frederic M. Hamelin, Michael J. Jeger, Carrie A. Manore, Alison G. Power, Margaret G. Redinbaugh, Megan A. Rua, and Nik J. Cunniffe. Modelling virus coinfection to inform management of maize lethal necrosis in Kenya. published online, Phytopatholoy, 2017.

    4. Frederic Hamelin, Linda J. S. Allen, Vrushali A. Bokil, Louis J. Gross, Frank Hilker, Michael J. Jeger, Carrie A. Manore , Alison G. Power, Megan A. Rua, and Nik J. Cunniffe. Coinfections by non-interacting pathogens are not independent and require new tests of interaction, accepted, PLOS Biol., 2019.

    MS Students

    1. Noah Langlie, MS Mathematics. Graduated Summer 2020.

      • MS Research: Electromagnetic Modeling, Analysis and Computation in Nonlinear Optics: The Kerr and Duffing Models.
      • BS in Mathematics and Physics, Spring 2019.
      • NSF Funded REU: Electromagnetic Modeling in Nonlinear Optics

    2. Ali (Ruby) Chick, MS Expected Summer 2020

    3. Sandeep Koranne, MS 2019
      MS Paper Title: High Order Finite Difference Methods for the Analysis of Nonlinear and Meta Materials

    4. Moayad Odeh, MS 2019
      MS Paper Title: Summation-By-Parts Method for Solving the Wave and Maxwell's Equations

    5. Sebastian Naranjos, MS Mathematics. Graduated 2019.
      • PhD Qualifying exams and research presentation.

    6. Brady Bowen , MS Mathematics. Graduated 2019
      • PhD Qualifying exams and research presentation track

      1. Completed a collaborative visit to Rennes, France to work with Professor Frederic Hamelin of Agrocampus Ouest. This visit was funded by Professor Bokil's Thomas Jefferson Grant.
      2. Attended the conference BioHasard and gave a talk. This visit was funded by Professor Bokil's Thomas Jefferson Grant.
      3. Attended the conference CMPD5 and gave a talk. This visit was funded by Professor Bokil's Thomas Jefferson Grant.


      1. F. M. Hamelin, B. Bowen, P. Bernhard and V. A. Bokil, Optimal Control of Plant Disease Epidemics with Clean Seed Usage, Accepted, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, Feb 12, 2021.

    7. Duncan McGregor, MS Mathematics. Graduated, Spring 2013
      • PhD Qualifying exams and research presentation.

    8. Noufe Aljahdaly , MS Mathematics. Graduated Fall 2012

    9. Olivia Keefer , MS Mathematics. Graduated Spring 2012

    10. Anna Kirk : MS, Mathematics. Graduated Spring 2011

    11. Scott Henderson: MS, Mathematics, Graduated Spring 2009

    Undergraduate Students

    1. Michael Kupperman, Honors double major in Mathematics and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Graduated Spring 2020.
    2. Sara Tro: Honors Student in Mathematics, Graduated Spring 2019.

    3. Noah Langlie : Undergraduate Student in Mathematics and Physics, Expected Graduation: Spring 2019
      1. Funded by an NSF REU supplement in Summer 2018 to work on Kerr and Raman Models in nonlinear optics.

    4. Isaac Stallcup : Honors Student in Mathematics, Graduated Winter 2018

    5. Margaret-Rose Leung:

    6. Robin Leung , BS Mathematics, Spring 2011
      1. Publications : V. A. Bokil, O. A. Keefer and A. C-Y. Leung,
        Operator Splitting Methods for Maxwell's Equations in Dispersive Media with Orientational Polarization,
        263C (2014), pp. 160-188, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 2014.

      2. A Sequential Operator Splitting Method for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Dispersive Media
        NSF-REU Summer 2010
        Undergraduate Thesis. Spring 2011

    7. Maarika Teose , Honors and Mathematics, BS 2008
      Thesis Title: The Effect of Temperature on the Survival of Chinook Eggs and Fry
      Jointly co-advised with Professor Edward Waymire.
      Maarika is now a PhD student at the Center for Applied Mathematics at Cornell University.

    8. Samuel Potter , Mathematics, BS 2008, University of Minnesota-Morris
      UROP project, Jointly Co-advised with Professor Peh Ng of the University of Minnesota-Morris.
      Samuel is now a PhD student in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department at Princeton University.