The Statistical Sleuth A Course in Methods of Data Analysis, 3rd Edition 
Fred Ramsey and Dan Schafer © 2013 Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning ISBN10: 1-133-49067-0, ISBN13: 978-1-133-49067-8 


Fred Ramsey

Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Oregon State University.



   B.A.   Mathematics, University of Oregon, 1961

   M.S.  Statistics, Iowa State University, 1963

   Ph.D. Statistics, Iowa State University, 1964


Fred's principal research concerns applications of statistics to wildlife problems, particularly population size estimation. After post-doctorate work at  Johns Hopkins University, he joined  the faculty of the Department of Statistics at Oregon State University in 1966, with leaves for teaching and research positions at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia; the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia; and Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. In retirement, Fred continues to work on the Statistical Sleuth and lead birding trips.

Dan Schafer

Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Oregon State University.




   B.A.   Mathematics, Pomona College, 1978

   M.S.  Statistics, Univeristy of Chicago, 1981

   Ph.D. Statistics, University of Chicago, 1982


Dan has conducted research on regression methodology and diagnostics for count data, with particular attention to applications in radiation health epidemiology and  genomics. He spent his academic career in the Statistics Department at Oregon State University, where he served as department chair; with extended visits to the University of Western Australia and the University of Adelaide. Dan is currently working on video vignettes for  Sleuth case studies, an introductory statistics textbook, and research into statistical methodology for genomics data problems; and is also pursuing interest in nature photography and visual art.