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Educational programs

Above: The Physics of Air Event.

Our lab hosts two high school researchers every summer as part of the SESEY program. A total of 50 participants work in different labs around campus. In our lab, the SESEY participants build a working carbon nanotube circuit, measure the circuit using a probe station, learn about atomic force microscopy, a photocurrent microscope, and electron microscopy.

The College of Science at OSU plays a role in many outreach events (CoS outreach page). These include Discovery Days, Saturday Academy and SMILE. Discovery Days is great places to see cool physics demos (and other demos).

Oregon has an active Science Olympiad program. Science Olympiad is the premier national science competition for middle and high school students and combines hands-on experiments with written tests. Here is the written test called Compound Machines that Ethan wrote for the 2015 State Competition.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) has great education programs. The annual event called NanoDays event is very closely aligned to our research. You will often find Ethan or other lab researchers volunteering at OMSI on for the NanoDays event.

For high school teachers, an excellent program is "Partners in Science Science Teacher Grant". The M.J. Murdock Trust offers a $15,000 Research Grant for High School Science Teachers in Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, to partner with a Researcher for two summers of research. The purpose of these grants is to promote scientific inquiry practices in the high school setting and to encourage students to consider a career in science. Applications can be downloaded from the Trust website (enrichment programs). For younger kids (grades 1-5), the kidspirit program offers summer science experiences.