Duo Jiang

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Oregon State University








Dr. Jiang's research interests lie in the field of statistical genetics and genomics. Rapid technological developments have increasingly enabled the collection of massive genomics data to help address important biological questions. These complex data often pose new statistical challenges. My research focuses on the development of statistical and computational methods to address some of these challenges. It is an exciting time to work as a statistician on genomics applications!

My statistical interests include mixed-effects models, network analysis and graphical models, dependent data analysis, and quasi-likelihood methods. Application areas of current interest include microbione data analysis, genetic mapping of complex human traits, multi-omic data integration, gene-set analysis, and high-throughput sequencing data.


Jiang D, Zhong S, McPeek MS. (2016). Retrospective binary-trait association test elucidates genetic architecture of crohn disease. The American Journal of Human Genetics 98:1-13.[pdf]

Zhong S, Jiang D, McPeek MS. (2016). CERAMIC: case-control association testing in samples with related individuals based on retrospective mixed model analysis with adjustment for covariates. PLOS Genetics 12: e1006329.[pdf]

Zhuo B, Jiang D. MEACA: efficient gene-set analysis of genome-wide expression data.[pdf]

Hu C, Sharpton T, Jiang D. Testing monotonic trends among multiple group means against a composite null.[pdf]

Tian C, Jiang D, Sharpton T, Jiang Y. Microbial network recovery by compositional graphical lasso.[pdf]

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Current research funding:

1. NIH/NIGMS R01GM126549
Role: co-I* (co-PI in the project with equal contribution as lead PI. Awarded as co-I due to the single PI requirement of the funding mechanism)

2. NIH/HHS R01HD101098
Role: co-I

3. NIH/NIEHS P30ES030287
Role: Biostatistician