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Structure Determination by Spectroscopic Methods
(CRN 38538, 38539, 3 cr)

Welcome to Organic Spectroscopy!

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Meeting time: MWF 10-10:50
Location: Gilbert Addition 103

Instructor: Kevin Gable
Office: 341 Weniger
Phone: 737-6744
or Gilbert 153, 737-6700
Office Hours: TTh 2:00-3:00 p.m.. I am guaranteed to be in my Weniger office and available.
You may stop by at any time, or you may make an appointment to assure my availability at other times. In the morning I will be in Gilbert 153.
My calendar is posted at

Claridge, "High Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry" 2nd Ed. (Elsevier/Pergamon) ISBN 978-0-08-054818-0
Pretsch, et al, "Structure Determination of Organic Compounds" 4th Ed. (Springer) ISBN 978-3-540-93809-5
McLafferty & Turacek, "Interpretation of Mass Spectra",4th Ed. (University Science Books), ISBN 0-935702-25-3

Prerequisites (not enforced; exceptions granted on consultation with the instructor): CH 336 (or equivalent: one year of organic chemistry) and (CH 442 or CH 542--physical chemistry).

Measureable student outcomes:The goal for this course is that the student will be able to apply modern spectroscopic methods (mass spectrometry, IR 1-D and 2-D NMR) to characterize and identify the structure of organic molecules. Students registering for undergraduate credit (CH435) will be expected to identify structurally simpler molecules than those registered for graduate credit (CH535).

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Evaluation of student performance: see link

News and items of interest will be posted periodically on this page.

  • (Jan. 28) We are back on schedule with graded homeworks: due Monday in class as per the Homework page unless something else arises.
  • (Jan. 21) The third graded homework will be due in class Wednesday, Jan. 26.
  • (Jan. 15) I found that molecular formulae for ungraded exercises 4 and 8 were reversed on HW2. I have corrected these. (The molecular formula for the graded exercise is correct: I did double check that.)
  • (Jan. 6) Based on our discussions, I will start doing a weekly review session on Fridays starting at 4 p.m.  The format will be a round-robin "wheel of furtune" style approach using ungraded exercises:  each person will have to identify one piece of information at a time and its structural significance.  These will begin Friday, Jan. 14, I expect to use GbAd 103 and we will plan on that unless I learn otherwise.
  • I will be absent Friday, January 7--no lecture.
  • MLK Day (Monday, January 17. No class.

"Students with documented disabilities who may need accommodations, who have any emergency medical information the instructor should know of, or who need special arrangements in the event of evacuation, should make an appointment with the instructor as early as possible, no later than the first week of the term."

Expectations for Student Conduct: Students are expected to conform to University regulations concerning academic honesty.

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