Corinne A. Manogue


Katherine Meyer     
M.S. 1998
The Integration of Interactive Activities into Lecture in Upper-Divison Theory Courses
(Warning: large file—this is a scanned pdf)

Kerry Browne     
Ph.D. 2002
A Case Study of How Upper-Division Physics Students Use Visualization While Solving Electrostatics Problems

Joshua Stager
B.S. 2006
Creating the Paradigm Portfolio: A new exercise in web-based curriculum documentation

Elizabeth Gire     
Postdoctoral Scholar 2007-09

Drew Watson
B.S. 2008
The Impact of Guiding Questions and Rubrics in the Scientific Writing of Middle-Division Physics Students

Leonard Cerny
M.S. 2007
Using Interrelated Activities to Develop Student Understanding of Electric and Magnetic Fields
Ph.D. 2013
Geometric reasoning in an active-engagement upper-division E&M classroom

Mary Bridget Kustusch     
Postdoctoral Scholar 2010-12

Novela Auparay
B.S. 2014 (anticipated)

Michael Goldtrap
B.S. 2014 (anticipated)

Grant Sherer
B.S. Honors 2014 (anticipated)

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