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PH 426 Daily Notices


Copies of the course notes can be found here.

Classical Mechanics

Quantum (Separation of Variables)

Quantum (The Ring and the Sphere)


The version of HW 1 posted on the web was out of date. In question number 5, I want you to do the calculation in two ways and write a short description comparing the results. If you haven't yet done both methods, you can still complete this question and turn it in early next week.


I'm sorry, but my course website uploaded an old evaluation file for the firstday handout. You will not need to be making a notebook for your small group activities this term. I take that back, you will not need to turn in such a notebook for a grade. It is, however, a great idea to make one. The process of thinking through each activity, afterwards, and writing down what you did and learned is a perfect way to help it stick in your brain!


Welcome to the class. If you are new to the Paradigms classes, please see Corinne as soon as possible.


Please bring your spacesuit to the first class day.


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