Our Projects at Oregon State University

The Paradigms in Physics Program—our original website, this website now contains information primarily for our local students.

The Vector Calculus Bridge Project—the main website. Check here for information about materials specific to vector calculus, especially materials that are appropriate for mathematics courses.

A Map of Paradigms Adopters which you can use to locate others to build a self-help community to share adoption ideas and strategies.

View Paradigms in Physics Around the Globe in a larger map

Our Partners at Other Institutions

The TAMU Appeal Program—Paradigms in Physics at Texas A & M University

Open Source Physics—working with us on computational projects

The Portfolios Wiki Team

Links at Oregon State University

The Physics Department at Oregon State University

The Mathematics Department at Oregon State University

The College of Education at Oregon State University

Oregon State University

Physics Education Research Groups

The best site we have found on the Web for PER groups is available at the University of Maryland PER Page

Oregon State University

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