Quantum Mechanics Activities

These quantum mechanics activities are ordered by chapters of the textbook Paradigms in Physics:Quantum Mechanics. You can also find the QM activities organized by concepts.

Chapter 1: Stern-Gerlach Experiments

SPINS is a java program that simulates Stern-Gerlach experiments with spin 1/2 and spin 1 particles. The software runs on all platforms and can be downloaded from the SPINS home page.

Chapter 2: Operators and Measurement

Chapter 3: Schrödinger Time Evolution

Chapter 4: Quantum Spookiness

Chapter 5: Quantized Energies: Particle in a Box

Chapter 6: Unbound States

Chapter 7: Angular Momentum

Chapter 8: Hydrogen Atom

Chapter 9: Harmonic Oscillator

Chapter 10: Perturbation Theory

Chapter 11: Hyperfine Structure and the Addition of Angular Momentum

Chapter 12: Perturbation of Hydrogen

Chapter 13: Identical Particles

Chapter 14: Time Dependent Perturbation Theory

Chapter 15: Periodic Systems

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