Paradigms Textbooks

Here are some texts we have authored. These books are available for individual and classroom use, but the copyright remains with the authors.

  • Quantum Mechanics: A Paradigms Approach—-an upper-division quantum text that follows the Paradigms approach. This spins-first, multiple-representations textbook was published by Pearson Addison-Wesley in January 2012.
  • The Geometry of Vector Calculus—-this online draft text covers content for a traditional lower-division course on vector calculus and also for early upper-division E&M. It features multiple TABLES OF CONTENTS for different courses. You may freely link your own course syllabus to any (or all) of the pages of this text.
  • The Geometry of Special Relativity—-this online book is an introduction to special relativity emphasizing the role of hyperbolic triangle trigonometry and geometric reasoning.
  • Thermal Physics: Concepts and Practice—-this novel textbook takes a modern view of the origins and practice of thermodynamics and statistical physics. It was published by Cambridge University Press, 30 December 2011.

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