• Tangible Metaphors, Corinne A. Manogue, Elizabeth Gire, David Roundy, 2013 Physics Education Research Conference, Portland, OR.
  • An Expert Path Through a Thermo Maze, Mary Bridget Kustusch, David Roundy, Tevian Dray, & Corinne Manogue, Invited Poster, 2012 Physics Education Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Navigating a Thermo Maze, Mary Bridget Kustusch, Corinne Manogue, David Roundy, & Tevian Dray, Contributed Poster, 2012 FFPER:Puget Sound Meeting.
  • Name the Experiment, Corinne Manogue, David Roundy, & Emily van Zee, Slides, 2012 FFPER:Puget Sound Meeting.
  • Paradigms in Physics, David McIntyre, Contributed Poster for the 2006 Conference on Achieving Systemic Changes in Physics Teaching at Leading Research Universities, Washington, DC.

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