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Welcome to the Portfolios Wiki of the Paradigms in Physics project.

This website documents the redesign of more than 20 upper-division physics ( and related prerequisite mathematics)courses over 20 years, including the development of more than 300 classroom activities. These activities are intended for use in a wide variety of contexts; it is not necessary to adopt them all!


The easiest way to navigate the website is to use the navigation panel on the left. New users may want to start by browsing the links under Curriculum, which include a description of each individual activity, as well as the articulation of each course. Users interested in our pedagogical strategies may want to start with the links under Pedagogy. If you're just looking for copies of our papers, posters, and talks, or information about workshops, try the links under Publications.

Once you land on a particular page, the box at the top of the page (labeled “You are here”) will show you where you are, and allow you to move up the tree to higher-level pages. (Warning: not all such pages are useful.) Use the back button of your browser to go back to a previous page — and you should be able to open new links in new browser windows to ensure that you still have access to a particular index page.

OSU Faculty

For OSU faculty new to teaching in the Paradigms, see helpful information here.

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