What is the Paradigms in Physics program?

The Paradigms in Physics program is Oregon State University's upper-division physics program, which has been reformed since 1996 to incorporate innovative techniques for interactive engagement. You can find out more here.

I teach upper-division courses too. Do you have any resources that might be helpful to me?

Of course! We have curricular materials and innovative instructional strategies for most standard undergraduate physics content. You can browse our material by course topic or by sequences of activities. You can also check out the courses we teach and see how our material is implemented.

I'm new to interactive engagement. What should I know about teaching this way?

We have some advice for those teaching in the style of the Paradigms for the first time. You can also learn more about the details of our particular classroom strategies.

I'm an OSU faculty member new to teaching in the Paradigms. Do you have any information for me?

You will find some information specific to OSU here.

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