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Paradigms in Physics Group
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The Paradigms in Physics project is looking for three student workers this summer. Each job will pay $11/hr for the equivalent of 6–8 weeks of full time work. While the exact weeks worked will be somewhat flexible, it would be best if the weeks included most of 6/27 to 7/29 during normal work hours (9 AM – 5 PM, M–F). Preference will be given to undergraduate students who would like to combine this paid experience with (probably unpaid) senior thesis research (on a different but related topic) continuing into the academic year 2011/12. Preference will also be given to undergraduate students who have taken at least 6 Paradigms classes. Please inform us if you have work-study funding, but, since we do not expect to be able to fill all positions with work-study students, please do not hesitate to apply if you do not have this funding. All jobs will require completion of an online training course in Human Subjects Research.

Job 1

Update computer visualization worksheets in the paradigms program. (Convert from Classic Maple format to the standard Maple format. Convert from Maple to Mathematica.) Document the visualization activities on the Paradigms wiki. Make figures for several projects in the Paradigms program. In addition to the other requirements, this job requires familiarity with at least one of Maple and Mathematica and sufficient computer experience to complete the job expeditiously.

Job 2

Document Paradigms activities on the Paradigms wiki. This will include making sure that the Instructor's Guide for each activity is complete and in a standard format, including reformatting all student handouts, and preparation of a spreadsheet so that the activities can be linked to comPADRE. In addition to the other requirements, this job requires familiarity with LaTeX.

Job 3

Documentation of our considerable archive of classroom video in the Paradigms project. Search for and document the beginnings and ends of activities and classroom discussions. Look for instances of particular types of student reasoning or student interactions. Find photos that represent the activities in the Paradigms classes. This job would be particularly valuable for a student who would like to do senior thesis research looking at student reasoning in the Paradigms program.

Application Procedure

Please send a letter of interest describing which job(s) you are applying for and what your relevant background is, a resume, and an unofficial copy of your transcript to Corinne Manogue. Please ask for one letter of recommendation to be sent to the same address (unless Corinne is that recommender!!). All applications received by April 8, 2011, will receive full consideration. After that, the jobs will remain open until filled.

Applications are no longer being accepted for these positions.

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