Superposition (35 minutes)

  • This content will be sprinkled among the other activities
  • Before
    1. SWBQ: Write down something you remember about superposition.
    2. How would you use superposition to find the gravitational potential halfway between the Earth and the Moon?
    3. Both electrostatic potentials and gravitational potentials satisfy the superposition principle. It would have been very difficult for us ever to have developed the field of physics if this were not the case.
  • During
    1. Make sure you pay attention to how far apart your equipotential lines are.
    2. What do the equipotential surfaces look like for a point charge?
      • 3D vs. 2D.
    3. How do you represent equipotential lines with different values?
  • After
    1. What do you want to remember about this problem for future problems?

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