Periodic Systems

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In the Periodic Potentials Paradigm, … (more...)

Textbook: Quantum Mechanics: A Paradigms Approach—-a textbook that follows the paradigms approach. The chapters that are relevant to the Periodic Systems course are:

15. Periodic Potentials

Sample Syllabus: PH427 current

Course Contents

Unit: Classical Mechanics

Classic Harmonic Oscillator

2 Coupled Classical Harmonic Oscillator

N-Coupled Classical Harmonic Oscillator

Boundary Conditions and Discrete Wave Number

Dispersion Relations

Unit: Classical to Quantum Cross-Over

Vibration vs. Temperature

Heat Capacity

Diatomic Crystals

Unit: Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Square Wells

2-Coupled Quantum Square Wells

N-Coupled Quantum Square Wells

Intro to Solid State Physics

Multiple Bands

Density of States

The First Brillioun Zone

Square Well vs. Coloumb Potential Wells

Course Project

Activities Included

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