Integrating Physics and Literacy Learning in a Physics Course for Prospective Teachers

Physics 111 is a course for prospective early childhood, elementary, and middle school teachers in which participants learn how to enhance literacy learning as they engage students in inquiries into physical phenomena. Emphasis is on questioning, predicting, exploring, and discussing what one thinks and why.

The course meets for 2.5 hours, twice a week, for ten weeks. A student summary of the course was, “This class has opened up my eyes to the wonder that science brings…We were given opportunities to work in groups and bounce ideas off of one another constantly, but never given the answer to a problem…We were able to see these everyday phenomena happen before our eyes and then figure out why it was occurring based on what we already knew, what we could test and experiment, and what ideas would develop as we brainstormed…”

You can explore this wiki in several ways depending on your interests. For examples of ways we approached instruction, including integrating physics and literacy learning, see ”Instructional Strategies.” For examples of activities in particular subject matter contexts, see ”Activities.” If you are curious about what we did in each session, see ”Day-by-Day Course Summary.” This is most complete for the Fall 2009 term. For presentations at professional meetings, see ”Papers and Presentations.”

This project is supported by National Science Foundation grant No. 0633752-DUE, Integrating Physics and Literacy Learning in a Physics Course for Elementary and Middle School Teachers, Henri Jansen, PI, Department of Physics, Emily van Zee, co-PI, Department of Science and Mathematics Education, College of Science and Kenneth Winograd, co-PI, Department of Teacher and Counselor Education, College of Education, Oregon State University. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the granting agency.

Physics 111: Inquiring into Physical Phenomena

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