The Mth 253-256 sequence forms the core mathematics sequence for engineering, mathematics, and some science majors at Oregon State University. These courses cover sequences and series, multivariable calculus, vector calculus, and differential equations and have a total enrollment each year of approximately 1000. The purpose of this project is to develop Web-based study guides for these courses that can be used by students currently enrolled in these courses and serve as a resource for the OSU community.

Web-based study guides take advantage of the power of hypertext links. In a book topics are ordered linearly. In a hypertext document, one can place links between topics A and X, B and R, which are naturally connected, but need not be linearly connected. There are many topics in mathematics that are more suitable for such a non-linear approach.

Accessing the Study Guides

The study guides can be accessed by clicking on the buttons above or on the links below.

There are also calculator tutorials for the TI-85 and HP 38G.

Questions and Comments

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The principal investigators for this project are Dennis Garity and Satish Reddy. They are being assisted by Ih-Ren Lan, Doug Limmer, Ronald "Dee" Winn, and Kevin Thompson, graduate students in the Department of Mathematics, OSU.


Funding for this project was provided by Dr. Joy Hughes, Associate Provost for Information Services, and the Department of Mathematics.

Technical Information


Documents were created in LaTeX and converted to HTML using a converter called latex2html (Version 96.1) developed by Nikos Drakos. This program converts text to HTML and mathematical equations to .gif files. This appeared to be one of the only feasible methods for incorporating mathematical symbols into HTML documents at the time.

Latex2html was installed by Jon Maestri (Physics, OSU) on the Physics Department system.


Once the HTML files are created, the program Gnnpress was used to edit them. This program was installed by Doug Limmer on the Math Department system. Gnnpress allows one to edit HTML files directly and with pull-down menus.


We would like to thank Rubin Landau (Physics, OSU) and Robby Robson (Mathematics, OSU) for allowing us access to their computers, and Russ Ruby (Mathematics, OSU) for technical assistance.

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