Experimental Chemistry II, CH 464 & 464H
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Experimental Chemistry II, CH 464 & 464H (WIC) is the senior level integrated laboratory course and one of the three WIC courses offered for chemistry majors and certain other science majors who have the course requirements. Typically three projects are performed in two lab sessions with one or two lectures each week. A passing grade for 3 credits requires successful completion of all experiments and all reports, as the main evaluation of student performance. All reports are individual efforts but during the lab meeting you will work in groups.

Lecture meets in GBAD 211 on Monday and sometime also Wednesday at 1 pm.  Laboratory follows lecture or starts at 1 pm on days when there is no lecture.  Lab meets in GBAD 309 north end.  Bring approved laboratory goggles, a lab coat is optional, and a duplicating page laboratory notebook to class starting the first day and dress appropriately to work in the laboratory.  The laboratory manual will be available at lecture.  If you don't have goggles from a previous chemistry lab, you should plan to purchase these at the issue room the first day. 

Dr. Chong Fang     LPSC  255  Chong.Fang@oregonstate.edu     737-6704

IL Program Director
Dr. Christine Pastorek     Gilbert 247     Christine.Pastorek@oregonstate.edu     737-6732

Graduate Teaching Assistants (all in Dr. Fang's Lab in LPSC 250)

Fangyuan (Francis) Han    hanf@onid.orst.edu
Lei Chen chenlei@onid.orst.edu
Liang Wang wanglia@onid.orst.edu

Syllabus (Fall 2013)

Dr. Fang's Lecutures

Course learning outcomes

University Policies on disabilities, civility and honesty

Lab Safety Policies

Regression analysis using Excel (Orlov) 

Photos of CH 464 students in action (updated Dec 3, 2010)



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