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Honey Bee Diagnostic Services

In response to the growing concerns of bee keepers, farmers, and the general public to honey bee health, the Oregon State University Extension Service will begin offering diagnostic services for the non-viral diseases and pests of honey bees.

Services Currently Offered: Submission form

Screening services are now available for the following pathogens and pests:

American Foulbrood* (from bees or comb with scales)
European Foulbrood* (from bees or comb with scales)
Chalkbrood* (from bees or comb with scales)
Stonebrood* (from bees or comb with scales)
Nosema presence (from bees or feces deposited on glass) Species ID NOT available at this time
Varroa mites
Tracheal mites

Insect pests (wax moth, hive bees, bee louse, etc.) No bees need to be submitted

* service requires a fee

Future Services

  • Summer/Fall 2008 Testing for AFB resistance to Terramycin

  • March 2009, expanded services to meet the needs of the Oregon beekeepers

  • We are also exploring the possibility of offering honey bee pesticide poisoning testing, but at this time we are unable to estimate when these services might be offered


October 27, 2008