The Geometry of Special Relativity

Tevian Dray

This manuscript expands on class notes developed as part of the NSF-funded Paradigms in Physics Project. It is intended either as a supplement to a traditional physics course which includes special relativity, or as a textbook for a mathematics topics course in geometry or relativity. The manuscript emphasizes the fact that special relativity is just hyperbolic trigonometry, and includes material on hyperbolic triangle trig, a fascinating and easily accessible mathematics topic in its own right, even without its usefulness in solving problems in relativity. These notes have been used successfully at Oregon State University over a period of more than 5 years, and will be published in 2012 by Taylor & Francis.

An expanded and revised manuscript is now available for download. This is the final draft before publication, without copyedits. Coming soon: sample problems.
The sample problems were in fact added on 6/5/12...
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