Applied Mathematics and Computation (AMC) seminar, 2004-2005

Department of Mathematics, Oregon State University

Contact: Malgorzata Peszynska, Ralph Showalter.
Time/location: Fridays 12:00-12:50, Gilkey 115.
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The AMC seminar is devoted in general to topics in applied and computational mathematics. Each term, we shall select a focus theme, with the proportion of general to specific topics about 1-1. We welcome a general audience of faculty and researchers and graduate students from mathematics, geosciences, computer science, engineering, atmospheric sciences, and all other disciplines.

Graduate students can sign up for credit (MTH 607).

In Fall'04 and Winter'05 we focused on the models and analysis of multiscale problems and techniques (homogenization and averaging in particular) with applications to phenomena in porous media. A particular example of such problems is flow in fractured porous media. In the Spring'05 we had more computation/numerical analysis talks related to overall focus theme.

Schedule 2004-2005
Schedule 2005-2006
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Current schedule

The links to talks in the schedule below have been removed. Please contact the authors to get a copy of their presentation.

Schedule Fall 2004

Oct. 1 Organizers: "Introduction to porous and fractured media"
Oct. 8 Robert Higdon, "Numerical modeling of ocean circulation"
Oct. 15 Ralph Showalter, "Introduction to homogenization"
Oct. 22 Adel Faridani, "Sampling theory and tomography"
Oct. 29 Todd Palmer, "Homogenization Techniques for Commercial Nuclear Reactors"
Nov 5 Malgo Peszynska, "Introduction to heterogeneous multiphase flow"
Nov 8, MONDAY Lynn Bennethum (University of Colorado at Denver), What Can We Learn From Compressibility Experiments?

Lynn also gave a Math Dept Colloquium, Nov. 9, Tuesday, Kidder 364, on Introduction to Hybrid Mixture Theory

Nov. 12 Ron Guenther, "Numerical solution for the steady, linearized Navier-Stokes equations"
Nov. 19 Ian Davis, "A Comparison of Binary Stochastic Media Transport Models in "Solid-Void" Mixtures" abstract and talk.
Dec. 3 Mina Ossiander, "A Probabilistic Representation of Solutions to the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations" abstract and talk

Schedule Winter 2005

Jan. 7 Brian Wood, "Upscaling of dispersion processes in porous media: from the pore scale to the Darcy scale"
Jan. 14 Ralph Showalter, "Homogenization in models of flow in fractured media"
Jan. 21 Jeff McDonnell, "On the balance between nomothetic and idiographic approaches to mathematical modeling in hydrology"
Jan. 28 Malgo Peszynska, "Nonlocal (memory) terms in flow and transport"
Feb. 4 Ralph Showalter, "Introduction to poroelasticity"
Feb. 11 Jorge Ramirez, Skew-diffusions and heterogeneous media. I
Feb. 18 Enrique Thomann, Skew-diffusions and heterogeneous media. II
Feb. 25 Kelly Haughton, "How the Russell Indexes have changed US institutional investing"
March 4 No meeting. Please attend colloquium by J.T. Oden on March 8, 3:00pm, in Kidd 364.
March 11 John Lee, "Some Models Leading to Integral and Integrodifferential Equations. I"

Schedule Spring 2005

April 1 Ralph Showalter "The Random Waltz Equation (without a typo)"
April 8 Marcel Schaap (University of California, Riverside) "Introduction to Lattice-Boltzmann Method for fluid flow in porous media"
April 15 John W. Lee "Some Models Leading to Integral and Integrodifferential Equations. II"
April 22 Enrique Thomann "Fundamental solutions for linearized Navier-Stokes equations in 2D/3D"
April 29 Malgorzata Peszynska "Primer on domain decomposition methods for flow and transport. I", abstract and talk.
May 6 Solomon Yim, "Recent Research Work on Modeling of Fluid-Structure Interaction and the Tsunami Wave Basin"
May 13 Brian Camp , "Immersed Finite Element Spaces and Interface Problems"
May 20 Clark Musselman, "Biot Model of a Poro-elastic Rod"
May 27 David Finch, "Some open problems in tomography"
June 3 MP/RS, Secondary diffusion