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Term Project for PH315

Create a rich-context homework question

PH315 includes many examples of “rich-context” homework questions. For the term project, you will create your own (both the question, and a model answer). You will be practicing an important skill: how to pose a tractable quantitative question that leads to interesting insights.

Here is an analogy to describe the spirit of this assignment: In the 1700s, European explorers navigated the open seas using simple observations and mathematical calculations. Today, you can still explore the “unknown” (areas of knowledge that are new to you) with simple observations and quantitative reasoning/calculations.

I’m giving you freedom to choose your own topic. Look for a subject that you find especially interesting/intriguing. Within that subject, look for questions where a quantitative result can give important insight. Think broadly about topics: many topics that you encounter outside of the physics classroom are full of interesting physics. Please talk with the instructor about your ideas for a topic.

This is a multi-step, multi-week project. There will be many opportunities to get feedback from the instructor. The main steps are (1) Propose some possible topics and questions. (2) Receive feedback. (3) Write a draft of the question and answer. (4) Receive feedback. (5) Write a revised version of the question and model answer and submit a final portfolio. The final portfolio will show how your project developed, i.e. steps (1) through (5) will be included in the final portfolio.

Once you have completed this project, your question should be posed in a way that is accessible to a well prepared PH315 student. Your model answer should be written in a style similar to a physics text book, explaining your logical steps so that a PH315 student can clearly understand how you constructed your solution.

Due dates

To be determined.

Example topics:

The physics of…

Term projects from previous years (these links take you to old assignments that are not being used this year).

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