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PH315: The Physics of Contemporary Challenges

For the Fall of 2020, students should navigate to the Canvas Website for PH315.

Archive from Fall 2019

Week 0

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Wed 9/25Sketch a calculationDay 1 Class Notes. Consistency check: Does gravitational potential energy explain hydroelectric capacity of the Columbia River? Prediction: How much energy generation capacity in our gutter downspouts? Recommended video: Outside-the-box reasoning Homework Week 0
Fri 9/27Sense making about energyDay 2 Class Notes. Finish first small group activity. Sense making about energy.HW solns week 0, instructions for submission

Week 1

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 9/30Simplified modelsDay 3 Class Notes. Simple model for energy used by a car driving on the highway at constant velocity. Homework Week 1, Guide to writing up hw
Wed 10/2Review exercises: Conservation of EnergyDay 4 Class Notes. The flow of energy through a solar car. The energy harvested by wind turbines.
Fri 10/4Intro to entropyDay 5 Class Notes. Reading: Chpt 1 of Unit T. Recommended video: How Entropy Powers the Earth HW Solns Week 1

Week 2

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 10/7Measuring changes in entropyDay 6 Class Notes. Recommended video "What is not random?" Homework Week 2
Wed 10/9Carnot efficiencyDay 7 Class Notes
Fri 10/11PV diagrams and WorkDay 8 Class Notes HW Solns Week 2

Week 3

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 10/14PV diagrams and Work Day 9 Class NotesHomework Week 3
Wed 10/16Equipartition Theorem Day 10 Class Notes
Fri 10/18Equipartition Theorem + QM Day 11 Class Notes HW Solns Week 3

Week 4

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 10/21Equipartition/Waves Day 12 Class Notes. Homework Week 4
Wed 10/23WavesDay 13 Class Notes
Fri 10/25WavesDay 14 Class Notes. Derivation of PDE for natural motion of a string that is under tension.HW Solns Week 4

Week 5

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 10/28Waves Day 15 Class Notes. Spectrograms shown in class. Animation of pressure standing waves in a pipe. Practice midterm (not graded)
Wed 10/30Review Day 16 Class Notes

Week 6

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 11/4Interference, Measurement Day 17 Class Notes: Prepare for the Lab Homework Week 6
Wed 11/6Lab Day 18 Class Notes, Expt equipment, Image of InGaN crystals
Fri 11/8Lab Day 19 Class Notes, Collimated light HW Soln Week 6

Week 7

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 11/11VETERAN'S DAY Experiment report rubric, Example report
Wed 11/13Lab Day 20: Students spend full 50 minutes working on the lab
Fri 11/15Uncertainty analysis Day 21 Class Notes experiment report due Saturday

Week 8

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 11/18Wave-particle duality Day 22 Class Notes, Ski tracks. Recommended video: Veritasium's single photon interference. Homework Week 8, photocopy of textbook
Wed 11/20Wave-particle duality Day 23 Class Notes, Light is a wave-particle, Feynman lecture about momentum of light, Vol 1, Section 34–9. Recommended video: Diffraction of electrons
Fri 11/22Hydrogen atom, Thermal radiation Day 24 Class Notes, worksheet about hydrogen lines HW Solns Week 8

Week 9

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 11/25Thermal Radiation Day 25 Class Notes, The “standard” junior-level derivation of Blackbody spectrum. Term Project Final Porfolio
Wed 11/27Thermal RadiationDay 26, no new notes. Worksheet - Blackbody spectrum.
Fri 11/29THANKSGIVING Portfolio due Saturday

Week 10

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 12/2Stefan-Boltzmann LawDay 27 Class Notes Homework Week 10
Wed 12/4Climate model for EarthDay 28 Class Notes
Fri 12/6Climate model for Earth Day 29 Class Notes. Recommended video: "Veritasium misconceptions about global warmning", Material to help you study for the final HW Solns Week 10

Finals week

Help session: Wednesday 10am in 304 Weniger
Final exam (2 hours): Friday 7:30am - 9:30am

Day-by-day description from past years

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