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Archive 2018

Week 1

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 1/8Fermi estimate & renewable energy Day 1 Notes, ph315_advertisement.pdf, Real world connections Part 1, Real world connections Part 2 HW1
Wed 1/10Conservation of energy and simple modelsDay 2 Notes, how to write up homework
Fri 1/12Wind energy, Thermodynamics Day 3 Notes, gas properties simulation, Reading list, Vacine reminder hw1 solns

Week 2

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 1/15MLK holiday HW2
Wed 1/17Work done by force and pressureDay 4 Notes, HW2 hint
Fri 1/19Efficiency of gas cycleDay 5 Notes, Screen capture of lecture hw2 solns

Week 3

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 1/222nd law thermodynamicsDay 6 Notes, differentiate using chain rule, Jack Johnson, y(x,t) HW3, appendix
Wed 1/24Partial diff. eqns.Day 7 Notes, PDE derivation, superposition of oscillations
Fri 1/26Sound waves Day 8 Notes hw3 solns

Week 4

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 1/29Wave interference Day 9 Notes, sound wave animation, superposition, expt in pond @ 4min30s, wave interference HW4, appendix, hint
Wed 1/31ExperimentLab instructions Lab grading rubric, Measurement uncertainty guide, Example of a lab report
Fri 2/2ExperimentDay 11 Notes which include discussion of measurement uncertainty hw4 solns

Week 5

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 2/5ExperimentDay 12 Notes, LED experiment
Wed 2/7ReviewDay 13 Notes, Practice midterm, Reading list for midterm
Fri 2/9ReviewDay 14 Notes, List of in-class exercises Tips for Lab Write Up

Week 6

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 2/12MIDTERM term paper topic proposal
Wed 2/14Wave-particle duality Day 16 Notes electron wave demo
Fri 2/16Wave-particle duality Day 17 Notes topic proposal due

Week 7

Week 8

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 2/26Lab review, CO2 absorption linesDay 21 Notes, Tips for Lab Write Up, Mathematica code HW6, appendix
Wed 2/28Spectral Intensity DistributionsDay 22 Notes, spectrum_worksheet.pdf, atmosphere model
Fri 3/2Blackbody spectrumDay 23 Notes, blackbody_worksheet_2018.pdf hw6 solns

radiating charge, making graphs in Matlab,

Week 9

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 3/5Blackbody spectrumDay 24 Notes HW7, appendix
Wed 3/7Earth's temperatureDay 25 Notes
Fri 3/9Nuclear physics Day 26 Notes, watermellon hw7 solns

Alternative hypotheses,

Week 10

DateTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 3/12Nuclear physics Day 27 Notes, Rutherford scattering term paper due, HW8, appendix
Wed 3/14Nuclear physics Day 28 Notes, nuclear_waste.pdf
Fri 3/16ReviewDay 29 Notes hw8 solns

Finals week

Wednesday 3/21Help session at 2pm in 304 Weniger
Thurs 3/22Final exam 9:30am - 11:30am in 212 Weniger
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