PH424: Getting Help

Last update: 15 April 2020

Who to contact off-hours? Email (or the class forum on Canvas or Slack) is your best option. About 1-full-weekday turnaroung time.
-Technical: Alex has an assignment to answer purely technical course specific to this course (zoom not working, can’t download video).
-Exceptions requests: Any questions regarding exceptions to course rules or deadlines should directed to our TA, George.
-Grading concerns: George and Sean are using GradeScope for problem sets (Email them both together).
-Personal issues, course-performance concerns: Matt or George
-Physics: Everyone below is always eager to help you understand physics! That's our primary goal. Ask away!

Formal Office Hours -
  Time Link [video or web chat] Format and Email

Instructor: Matt

T, R: 16h00-17h00 1) Enter Zoom-Room [1-1],
2) Canvas-Chat (group)

private Zoom, open Canvas-Discussion

graham --AT--

TA: George

W, F: 14h00-15h00 1) Enter Zoom-Room [1-1],
2) Canvas-Chat (group)

private Zoom, open Canvas-Chat


LA: Alex
W, F: 11h00-12h00 1) Enter Zoom-Room [group],
2) Canvas-Chat (group)

group Zoom, open Canvas-Discussion

LA: Ryan

M, W: 12h00-13h00 1) Enter Zoom-Room [group],
2)Canvas-Chat (group)

group Zoom, open Canvas-Discussion

Math Bits: Corinne

M,W, F: 1pm

[see Zoom list on Cavas]

1) Enter Zoom-Room [group],
2) Canvas-Chat (group)
Zoom, open Canvas-Discussion

Private Zoom =
Zoom in during the given time, but TA/instructor will only speak to one student at a time. Others must wait their turn. These are confidential. In addition to problem solving help, this is also where you can discuss grading issues and any concerns you may have.

Group Zoom = Zoom in during the given time, everyone talks together (public video conferene). Anything sensitive should not be shared here, its a public forum.

Open Chat = instructors, TAs or LAs will actively contribute to the #ph424 Canvas discussion during the scheduled hours. If they are not responding they are probably busy on Zoom. Everyone is encouraged to participate and help eachother out!

E-mail =
email any of of the above course staff anytime, any-hour, any-day. Please be prepared to accept upto 24 hour weekday response time.

2nd TA Grader: Sean Gilligan will assist George in grading problem sets. (feel free to contact with any specific grading concerns)

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