Guitar Corner: [electricsacousticsrecordings]

1. Electric Guitar collection
As you can tell from what follows, I like vintage Gibson Les Paul's and I am always on the look out for more. Donations are especially welcome and I would not say no to a '58-'60 Sunburst!
#1 - 1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard

{modified with Seymour Duncan "Pearly Gates" PUPs, TP6 microtuner stop tail piece, and Grovers}

#2 - 1973 Gibson Les Paul Recording

{so far stock, and in excellent condition... thanks to Jeff!}

#3 - 1977 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

{modified with Seymour Duncan SP90's (#2B/1N)}

#4 - 1988 Fender Telecaster (Jpn)

{modified with Seymour Duncan hot-rail bridge humbucker and recently reinstalled wiring loom}

#5 - 2007 Epiphone Les Paul Junior - '57 Reissue
#6 - 2009 Danelectro "Dano '63" Reissue
2. Acoustic Guitar collection
Not as fun as electric guitars... this collection is growing much slower.
#1 - 1980's Tokai "Cats Eyes" (Jpn)
#2 - 1999 Seagull Grand
3. Recordings
Electric guitar multi-track pieces were recorded on a Boss BR600 digital recorder via direct injection. Solo acoustic pieces were recorded with the help of Adam Scramsted
Led Zeppelin    
overture celebration day ramble on  
nobody's fault but mine when the levee breaks carouselambralite
good times bad times achilles last stand over the hills & far away
Pink Floyd shine on you crazy diamond (pts.1-4)
Wishbone Ash Phoenix  
Originals (electric gtr)    
the blue ocean
mr 3
ps: for john (martyn)
theme from pimplehammer
the wrecker
Originals (acoustic gtr) NEW!  
  missoula (CGCGCE) the end of the long cycle (CGCGCE)
  roy gordon (DADDAD) sam's creek road (DADDAD)


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