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External Links

This page is intended to provide links to topics related to the class. Please email the instructor with websites or other information you find interesting and provide a brief (1 or 2 sentences) description to guide your classmates. I'll post it here.

Site Description Posted Hyperphysics link. Some interactive things. JT 11/2 Energy diagram of SHO. Nice animation JT 11/2 l Phet simulation of pendulum JT 11/2 Click on "Fourier: Making Waves" Great site! Interactive. Can pick coefficients and see harmonics and sum. Can also guess coefficients to try to match a waveform. Fourier series (discrete variable) -> Fourier transform (continuous varibale) JT 11/2 Interactive. Can pick waveform & shift phase, clip, rectify, and see effect on coefficients JT 11/2 phasors for AC circuit. Simple. JT 11/2 Java Applet: phasors for LRC circuit - really good! Lots of things to explore. JT 11/2