Worapan Homsomboon
defended his thesis in August 2022. Dr. Homsomboon' dissertation was entitled ``Explicit dynamical dystems on the Sierpinski curve".
He has posted an abridged version on ArXiv, see arXiv:2209.05019

Brandon Edwards
defended his thesis in March 2017, with official graduation in June 2017.
Dr. Edwards' dissertation was entitled ``A new algorithm for computing the Veech group of a translation surface".
With Masters student Slade Sanderson, we extended the results of the thesis,
Canonical translation surfaces for computing Veech groups;
      Geom. Dedicata, to appear. Springer access: Online copy;
   Dr. Edwards has a position with Intel Labs, researching security and privacy issues
related to the training and deployment of machine learning models.

Hieu Do
graduated in June 2016 and is now on the faculty at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada.
In his Ph.D. work he both clarified the restrictions on trace fields of translation surfaces with SAF-zero pseudo-Anosov maps,
and used Rauzy-Veech graphs to determine new infinite families of SAF-zero pseudo-Anosov maps.
We extend some of Dr. Do's results in
New infinite families of pseudo-Anosov maps with vanishing Sah-Arnoux-Fathi invariant Journal of Modern Dynamics, vol 10, 541--561 (2016).

Katthaleeya Daowsud
has returned to Thailand, where she is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, Kasetsart University.
Dr. Daowsud's (2013) dissertation title was ``Continued Fractions and the Divisor at Infinity on a Hyperelliptic Curve: Examples and Order Bounds".
We extend some of Dr. Daowsud's results in Continued fractions for rational torsion; J. Number Theory 189 (2018), 115--130.

Tatsuhiko (Tat) Hatatse
is an instructor in the Department of Mathematics here at OSU.
Dr. Hatatse's (2011) dissertation title was ``Algebraic Pappus Curves".

Jason Schmurr
is an associate professor of mathematics at Lee University.
Dr. Schmurr's (2008) dissertation title was ``Triangular Billiards Surfaces and Translation Covers".
A publication based upon this appeared as: J. Schmurr, ``Translation covers among triangular billiard surfaces." Illinois J. Math. 58 (2014), no. 3, 665-687.

Andrea Moreira (Bell)
has returned to Ecuador, where she is a Professor and Director of the Department of Mathematics, Universidad de San Francisco de Quito.
Dr. Moreira's (Dec. 2003) dissertation title was ``Hilbert Modular Surfaces and Uniformizing Groups of Klein Invariants".

Katherine M. (Kathy) Smith
is a professor of mathematics at Central Oregon Community College.
Dr. Smith's (2000) dissertation title was ``Principal Subgroups of the Nonarithmetic Hecke Triangle Groups and Galois Orbits of Algebraic Curves".
We extended the work in T.A. Schmidt and K. Smith, ``Galois orbits of principal congruence Hecke curves", J. London Math. Soc. (2) 67 (2003), 673-685.