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Term Paper Topic Proposal

Due on Friday Feb 8 at 5pm. Turn in via the Canvas website

This week's assignment is to write a “topic proposal” for your term paper. The topic proposal is worth 5% of the total grade for the term paper. The topic proposal is not a binding contract (there is no commitment to stick with your first idea).

Read the guidelines for the PH315 term paper:

a) Briefly describe a topic you'd like to investigate for the term paper (a few sentences). Do you plan to write in the magazine style, or the political advocacy style?

b) Suggest at least one source of information you could use to learn about the topic (the title of a library book, the title/citation of a research article, the title/citation of a review article…).

c) Suggest one graph and one original calculation that would satisfy the assignment guidelines.

I will read all the topic proposals and give you feedback regarding the suitability of your idea. The goal of this topic proposal is to make sure everyone has at least one workable idea for the term paper (you are allowed to switch topics as many times as you want).

Your topic proposal should be typed in a word processor and exported as a pdf or word document. Submit your electronic file via the Canvas website.

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