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Homework 5

Write a lab report describing your measurements and analysis to determine Planck's constant (the proportionality constant between photon energy and the frequency of an electromagnetic wave).

The lab report should include

  • Introduction
  • Procedure
  • Data
  • Analyses and Results
  • Discussion
  • Bibliography

You will work in a group to develop measurement procedures, discuss ideas and collect data, however, each student will prepare their own lab report independently.

This example of a lab write-up gives guidance on what to include in your report and how to format your report.

Your analysis should include your estimate of Planck's constant, as well as the uncertainty in your estimate (i.e. the range of possible values that could be consistent with you observations). This document gives guidance on quantifying uncertainty.

The grading rubric summarizes what I will be looking for when grading the lab report.

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