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The 3-unit Capstone course in Electromagnetism aims to give an overview of the classical theory of electromagnetic fields and insight into its main applications. You are expected to be familiar with the material covered in PH 320 and PH 422. The general philosophy is to ask as many questions as possible, and be an active participant in classes; it's more fun for all of us that way! I expect you to have read the assigned material before class. I do not intend to repeat detailed derivations in the text, but you are still required to understand them. Read widely - other texts present the same material in a different way and also give other examples.

Lecture times: MWF 10:00 - 10:50 in WNGR 304

Course Work:
Office Hours:

David McIntyre

Weniger 463

MF 9-10, W 1-2

Course Evaluation:

PH431: Final exam: 35%. Midterm exam 25%. Homework 25%. Project 15%
PH531: Final exam: 35%. Midterm exam 25%. Homework 25%. Project 15%
FINAL: Monday, December 3, 12:00 pm, Weniger 304


Graduate students registered for PH 531 will be assigned a more advanced project, and will be expected to demonstrate full mastery of a larger proportion of the required achievements than undergraduates registered for PH 431.

Students with Special Needs:
Accommodations are collaborative efforts between students, faculty and Disability Access Services (DAS). Students with accommodations approved through DAS are responsible for contacting the faculty member in charge of the course prior to or during the first week of the term to discuss accommodations. Students who believe they are eligible for accommodations but who have not yet obtained approval through DAS should contact DAS immediately at 737-4098.

Academic Integrity:
All students are expected to uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in their academic work. Any incidence of academic dishonesty will be dealt with in accordance with OSU policies. Further info is available on OSU websites: Explanation of academic dishonesty and Expectations for student conduct.

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