Welcome to the home page of the TIES North American Regional Meeting on Measuring, Monitoring, and Modeling Environmental Resources, to be held in Corvallis, Oregon, June 15–17, 2009.

Tracking the quality and quantity of environmental resources is an important issue that involves the gamut of environmental sciences, as well as statisticians, mathematicians, and environmental managers. The focus of the conference will be on forests and fisheries, but talks dealing with other resources are welcome. Because of the regional significance of these two resources, a number of well-developed programs in the Pacific Northwest have explored issues of measuring, monitoring, and modeling them. Even so, many challenging issues remain in designing monitoring programs, and in analyzing and interpreting monitoring data.

Several monitoring programs in place in the Pacific Northwest have compiled some extraordinarily rich data sets for exploring questions of measuring, monitoring, and modeling environmental resources. The data sets were collected under a range of designs, from rigorous probability based surveys to very specific targeted surveys to convenience surveys. Many of these data sets are publicly available. For this Conference, potential participants are invited to exploit these data sets to illustrate or develop methodology to measure environmental characteristics, determine status, describe trend, and model relationships. Some of these data sets, together with metadata describing the objectives and design of the study that collected the data, are now available for download. While participants are encouraged to illustrate methodology using one of these data sets, that is not a requirement.

Scott Lake

Photo by Dan Schafer