David J. Lewis



Associate Professor

Department of Applied Economics

Oregon State University

200A Ballard Ext Hall

Corvallis, OR  97331

Ph: 541-737-1334

Research Interests

I am an environmental economist, and most of my research centers on the economics of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem services.  Ecosystem services are the goods and services provided by nature that are valuable to people.  I am particularly interested in policy analysis related to the provision of those ecosystem services that are impacted by human land-use decisions.  My research tends to have a quantitative empirical foundation with an emphasis on linking economic models with research from disciplines such as ecology, geography, conservation biology, and limnology.  Specific areas of research interests include environmental and resource economics, land economics, spatial modeling, biodiversity conservation, non-market valuation, micro-econometric and GIS applications, and urban economics. 

Research Papers and Themes

Full CV

Teaching at OSU

*  Microeconomic Theory I (AEC 512)

*  Advanced Econometrics II (AEC 626)

*  Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy (AREC 250)


Former and Current Graduate Students


PhD (Wisconsin)

*  Van Butsic (currently at Humboldt University in Germany)

*  Kelly Wendland (University of Idaho)

*  Brian Robinson (Minnesota, soon to McGill University)

*  Kate Zipp (Wisconsin, soon to Penn State University)

MS (Wisconsin)

*  Eric Horsch (Stratus Consulting)

*  Lindsay Ludwig (Industrial Economics)

*  Steven Chambers (Christensen Associates)



Last revised: 7/19/13