Curriculum Vitae



Home Address:                                                            Office Address:

            3363 NW Crest Drive                                      Department of Physics

            Corvallis, OR  97330                                       Oregon State University

            (541) 752-2361                                                           (541) 737-1692


Date of Birth:   May 15, 1944                          Place of Birth:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Family:                        Married, one child                   Citizenship:      USA



            1965                B.S., Physics, University of Arizona

            1967                M.S., Physics, Purdue University

            1970                Ph.D., Physics, Purdue University


Professional Employment:

       1974-Present        Oregon State University, Department of Physics

            1974-78                Assistant Professor

            1978-84                Associate Professor

            1984-2003            Professor

            2003-Present        Professor Emeritus

            1984-1998            Department Chair and Director of Engineering Physics Program

       1993-94                Program Director for Physics, Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation

       1980-81                Staff Member, Physics Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory (sabbatical)

       1972-74                Postdoctoral Research Associate, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

       1970-72                Postdoctoral Research Associate, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory

       1966                     Quality Control Officer, Philco Corporation

       1965-70                Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of Physics, Purdue University

       1962-65                Laboratory Assistant, Department of Physics, University of Arizona


Professional Societies:

       American Physical Society, American Association of Physics Teachers, Sigma Xi


Honors and Awards:

       American Association of Physics Teachers Distinguished Service Certificate, 2017

       Alumnus Of the Year, University of Arizona College of Science, 2014

       Fellow (Inaugural Cohort), American Association of Physics Teachers, 2014

       Eminent Professor, Oregon State University Honors College, 2008

       Outstanding Professor, Oregon State University Honors College, 2008

       Millikan Award for Creative Teaching of Physics, American Association of Physics Teachers, 2004

       D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award, Oregon State University, 1996

       Alumni Distinguished Faculty Award, Oregon State University, 1993

       Distinguished Alumnus Award, Purdue University, 1992

       Fellow, American Physical Society, 1990

       ORAU Summer Faculty Research Participant, 1983

       Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, 1976-1978

       Senior Research Fellowship, Oxford University, 1978

       NORCUS Summer Faculty Research Award, 1975

       NASA Fellowship, 1966-1969

       Listed in American Men and Women of Science, Who's Who in Technology Today

       Phi Kappa Phi

Other Professional Activities:

       National Science Foundation review panels: College Science Instrumentation Program, 1987;

            Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement Program, 1988, 1991 (panel chair), 1993;

Teacher Enhancement Program, 1993; Programs for Women and Girls, 1994; Science and Humanities Program, 1995; Course and Curriculum Development Program, 1996 (panel chair);

Institution-wide Reform Program, 1997 (panel chair); Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education, 1998; Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement, 1999; Teacher Preparation, 2001; Distinguished Teaching Scholars, 2001, 2002, 2004; CCLI (panel chair), 2005.

       Associate Editor, Hyperfine Interactions (research journal in nuclear and solid-state physics), 1984-98

       Proposal reviewer for National Science Foundation, Department of Energy

       Consultant, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, 1976-81

       Legal consultant and expert witness in traffic accident reconstruction

            Referee for Physical Review C, Physical Review Letters, American Journal of Physics, Hyperfine Interactions, Nuclear Physics, Applied Radiation and Isotopes

            Panel member, Symposium on Textbook Content, APS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, January 1987

            External thesis reviewer, Monash University (Australia), University of Leuven (Belgium), Oxford University (England)

Chair, UNISOR Executive Committee, 1988-90; Vice Chair, 1987-88

            Chair and Director, UNISOR Workshop on Nuclear Orientation, June 1989

Chair and Director, Second UNISOR Workshop on Nuclear Orientation, July 1990

Chair, 2nd International Conference on On-Line Nuclear Orientation and Related Topics, 1991

       Book review editor, Newsletter of the Forum on Physics and Society, 1992-95

       Member, American Physical Society Committee on the Status of Women in Physics, 1992-95

            Member, AAPT Committee on Physics in Graduate Education, 1994-97

       Steering Committee, Conference on the Introductory Physics Course, May 1993

Associate Editor, School Science and Mathematics (journal for K-12 educators), 1995

            Member, American Physical Society Committee on Education, 1994-97, 2001-04; Vice-chair, 1996; Chair, 1997

       Steering Committee, American Physical Society Conference on Graduate Education, May 1995

       Director, AAPT/APS/AAS Workshop for New Faculty, 1995-2006

       Member, APS Maria Goeppert Mayer Award Committee, 1995-96

       Steering Committee, APS/AAPT Physics Department Chairs Conference, 1997

       Member, AIP Advisory Committee on Physics Education, 1998-2005 (chair, 2002-2004)

       Organizing Committee, APS Northwest Section, 1998

       Member-at-Large, APS Forum on Education Executive Committee, 1998-01

       Steering Committee, Preparing Future Faculty Project, Council on Graduate Schools, 1998-2002.

       Users’ Executive Committee, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Cyclotron, 1998-2002

       Member, National Task Force on Undergraduate Physics, 1999-2005

       Associate Editor, American Journal of Physics, 2000-2003

       APS Forum on Education Vice-Chair (2000-01), Chair-Elect (2001-02), Chair (2002-03)

       APS Northwest Section Vice-Chair (2003-04), Chair-Elect (2004-05), Chair (2005-06)

       APS Education Award Selection Committee (2006-08); Vice-chair (2006-07); Chair (2007-       08)

       AAPT Nominating Committee (2006)

            External Visiting Committees: Southern Oregon University (1988); Purdue University (1998);  Colorado School of Mines (2001); Utah State University (2001); Eastern Washington University (2001); Grand Valley State College (2001); Rutgers University (2001); University of Arizona (2002); Reed College (2002); University of Central Florida (2003); University of Texas – El Paso (2003); University of Northern Iowa (2004); Wabash College (2004); Notre Dame University (2005); Central Washington University (2005); Kent State University (2006); Berea College (2008); University of Central Florida (2010); Central Washington University (2010); Westmont College (2013)


University Service:

       Condon Lecture Committee, 1980

College of Science Long-Range Planning Committee, 1981-82

OSU Computer Literacy Committee, 1982-83

College of Science Computer Committee, 1983

Chair, OSU Task Force on Personal Computers, 1983-84

Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Instruction in Computing, 1984-86

Acting Dean of Science Search Committee, 1985-86

College of Science representative, Majestic Theater fund-raising committee, 1987-88

Baccalaureate Core Committee, 1988-89

Committee on Scientific Misconduct, 1988-89

Curriculum Council, 1989-93 (chair, 1991-93)

Accreditation Committee, 1989

Forest Engineering Graduate Program Review, 1989

College of Science Library Committee (chair), 1990, 1993

College of Science Ad Hoc Committee on Science and Math Education (chair), 1991

Faculty Consultative Group, 1991-92

Director, SMILE Physics and Math Summer Camp, 1991-96

Leadership Implementation Team Subcommittee on Outsourcing and Elimination, 1992-93

Committee on Faculty Productivity and Workload, 1993

TQM Key Team, 1993

Faculty Senate: Member, 1991-93; President-elect, 1995; President, 1996

HB3565 Articulation Group (statewide K-12 science education), 1992-93

Chair, Honors Council, 1994-96

College of Science Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1995 (chair), 1996 (chair), 1998 (chair)

Board of Directors, Center for the Humanities, 1995-98

Presidential Search Screening Committee, 1995

Faculty Senate Membership Task Force, 1997

Chair, Faculty Senate Task Force on Post-Tenure Review, 1997-98

Chair, Faculty Senate Committee on Bylaws and Nominations, 1997-98

Honorary Doctorate Committee, 1998-99

College of Science Dean’s Advisory Council, 1998

Executive Board, OUS Oregon - Baden-Wuerttemberg Exchange Program, 1998-2000

Search Committee, Provost and Executive Vice President, 1999-2000

Graduate Student Union Negotiating Team, 2000

Advancement of Teaching Committee, 2000-03



Other Service:

       Science Advisory Panel, Corvallis School District, 1983-86

       Awards and Finance Chairman, Corvallis Science-Math Expo, 1983-86

       Board of Directors, Congregation Beit Am, 1982-85 (President, 1983-84)

       Board of Directors, OSU Retirement Association, 2004-07 (Vice-President, 2005-06; President,


       Board of Directors, Jackson Street Youth Shelter, 2002-10 (Treasurer, 2006-10)

       Board of Directors, Corvallis-OSU Piano International, 2005-13

       Board of Directors, Corvallis-OSU Symphony Society, 2007-16 (President, 2010-13, 2014-15)


Research Grants and Contracts:

       NORCUS Faculty Appointment, summer 1975, $3000

       Cottrell Research Grant, Research Corporation, 1975-77, $6400

       Fellowship, U.K. Science Research Council, 1978, $1000

       Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship for Basic Research, 1977-79, $18,000

       Instructional Scientific Equipment Program, National Science Foundation, 1977-80, $6600

       “Perturbed Angular Correlations” (co-PI with J. A. Gardner), 1979-83, $232,000

       “Medium Energy Nuclear Physics” (co-PI with L. W. Swenson and A. W. Stetz), National Science Foundation, 1983-86, $278,905; 1980-83, $211,522; 1977-80, $200,281

       Oak Ridge Associated Universities Summer Faculty Appointment, 1983, $5000

       g-factor data compilations,” Department of Energy, 1983-86, $35,000

       “Nuclear Orientation at the Holifield Heavy-Ion Research Facility” (co-PI), 1983-86, $149,000

       NATO grant for international research collaboration, 1984-85, $4000

       U.S.-U.K. Cooperative Science Grant, National Science Foundation, 1984-85, $5270

       U.S.-U.K. Cooperative Science Grant, National Science Foundation, 1986-88, $5650

       “Nuclear Orientation and Nuclear Structure,” Department of Energy, 1997-2000, $365,000; 1993-96, $271,000; 1990-93, $207,000; 1987-90, $165,000

       “Nuclear Physics Data Analysis System” (co-PI), National Science Foundation, 1988-89, $14,000

       “Physics Graduate Fellowships,” U.S. Department of Education, 1990-93, $300,000

       “Young Scholars Physics and Math Summer Camp,” National Science Foundation, 1995-97, $129,462; 1993-95, $111,063; 1991-93, $95,407

       “Instructional Laboratories in Optics,” M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, 1991-94, $326,000

       “Symposium on Graduate Study in Science for Undergraduate Women,” National Science Foundation, 1993-96; $93,538; 1992, $21,293

       “Workshops for Needs Assessment for Teacher Preparation in Oregon” (co-PI), National Science Foundation, 1995, $50,000

       “Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Needs,” U.S. Department of Education, 1995-98, $501,753; 1998-2001, $378,330

       “Research Experiences for Undergraduates,” National Science Foundation, 1996-98, $145,098

       “Workshop for New Physics Faculty” (co-PI), National Science Foundation, 1996-99, $240,000

       “The OSU PhysTEC Project,” American Physical Society (subcontract), 2001-2006, $556,312

       “Determination of Unknown Neutron Cross Sections for the Production of Medical Isotopes,” Department of Energy (co-PI), 2001-03, $248,261

       “Workshop for New Physics Faculty,” National Science Foundation, 2002-07, $773,411

“Materials for Active Engagement in the Modern Physics Course,” National Science Foundation, 2004-07, $198,088

“Materials for Active Engagement in Nuclear and Particle Physics Courses,” (co-PI), National Science Foundation, 2011-14, $199,972

Graduate Research and Thesis Projects Supervised:

     Jaser Shobaki, Ph.D., 1978

     Hossam Ghaleb, M. S., 1980

     Dong Xiao, M. S., 1985

     Daniel E. Brown, M. S., 1987

     Volker Rieckert, M. S., 1987

     Yue-shu Xu, Ph.D., 1992

     Mark Gummin, Ph.D., 1992

     Brian Busse, Ph.D., 1997

     Koorosh Zaerpoor, Ph.D., 1998

     James Coburn, M.S., 1998

     Maribel Rios, M.S., 1999

     Joseph Elliot, M.S., 1989

     Michael Dragowsky, Ph.D., 1999

     Paul Schmelzenbach, Ph.D., 2003

     Jeffrey Loats, Ph.D., 2004

     C. J. Stapels, Ph.D., 2004

     Pornrat Wattanakasiwich. Ph.D., 2005


Undergraduate Research and Thesis Projects Supervised:

     Miriam Lambert (Honors), 2000

     Jeremy Wolf, 2001

     Skye Dorsett, 2001

     Rachel Bartlett, 2002

     Christopher Duncan, 2003

     Robert Casperson, 2004

     Werner Hager (Honors), 2004

     Jeremy Sylvester, 2005

     Micah Eastman, 2006

     Ken Takahashi, 2008

     Alex Dauenhauer, 2010

     Sol Torrel, 2010

     Allison Gicking, 2012

     Nick Peterson, 2012

     Mason Keck (Honors), 2012