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Name:            Henri J. F. Jansen

Home Address:    2100 NW Robin Hood Street  

                 Corvallis, OR  97330       

                 (541) 758-0640            

Office Address:  Physics Department

                 Oregon State University

                 Weniger Hall 301

                 Corvallis, OR  97331-6507

                 (541) 737-1668, FAX (541) 737-1683






May 29, 1981         Ph.D. - degree


1977 - 1981          Ph.D. research studies at the Institute of Solid State Physics in Groningen under the supervision of Prof. F. M. Mueller (University of Nijmegen) and Prof. F. van der Woude (University of Groningen)


1976 - 1977          Graduate research in the nuclear physics group of

                      the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Groningen


1969 - 1976          Undergraduate and graduate student at the

                      University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Oct. 5, 1976         "Doctoraal" - degree in theoretical physics

                      (in between M.S. and Ph.D.)


June 6, 1972         "Kandidaats" - degree in physics

                      (comparable to B.S.)





1998 - present       Chair of the Physics Department


1994 - present       Full Professor at Oregon State University


1994 - 1995          Visiting Professor at the University of Oregon

                     (sabbatical leave)


1989 - 1994          Associate Professor at Oregon State University


1985 - 1989          Assistant Professor at Oregon State University


1987 Summer          Consultant with Philips Research Laboratory, The Netherlands


1981 - 1985          Research Associate with Prof. A. J. Freeman at Northwestern University


1977 - 1981          Assistant at the Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Groningen, The Netherlands


1974 - 1977          Assistant at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Groningen, The Netherlands


1970 - 1972          Assistant at the Institute for General Physics, University of Groningen, The Netherlands




I received my "Kandidaats," "Doctoraal," and Ph.D. degree with the honorary qualification "Cum Laude."


February 1982:  Shell prize from Shell Research B.V., The Nether­lands, for outstanding Ph.D. research.


May 1988:  Phi Kappa Phi, Emerging Scholar Award, Oregon State University.




Dutch, English, French(medium), German, Spanish(medium)


Memberships in Professional Societies


Dutch Physical Society (NNV)

American Physical Society

American Association of Physics Teachers



Theses supervised


Bernd Gutekunst, "Monte Carlo Simulation of Oxygen Mobility in Cubic Zirconia," MS, 1987.


Songshi Peng, "Electronic Structures and Magnetic Properties of Iron in Various Magnetic States and Structural Phases," PhD, 1991.


Martin Rosenbauer, "Parametrization of Energy Bands in Zirconia," MS, 1991.


Mike Love, "Computer Simulation of Phase Transitions in Zirconia," PhD, 1993.


Caihua Yan, "Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of ZnO: Bulk and Surface," PhD, 1994, co-advisor with W.M. Hetherington.


Mike Decker, "Molecular Dynamics at Constant Temperature and Pressure," MS, 1995.


Guenther Schneider, "Calculation of Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy," PhD, 1999.


Alexander Albus, "Immersion Energies of Atoms in Jellium," MS, 1999.


Haiyan Wang, " Relation between Bandstructure and Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy: Iron and Nickel," MS, 2000.


David Matusevich, " Magneto-crystalline Anistropy Calculations in Thin Films with Defects," PhD, 2002.


Michael Rogers ," Effect of the magnetic properties of soils on Cesium magnotometer surveys at the Oregon State University Research Diary " PhD, 2003.


Jung-Hwan Song, “Impurities in a Homogeneous Electron Gas “, PhD, 2004