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National Instruments Devices

Table of Contents

Analog and Digital IO Devices

NI-DAQmx Resources

NI-DAQmx Applications


  • PyVisa can be used with XP to communicate with VISA compliant instruments. As the documentation shows, this is accomplished using a LabView Visa compatible DLL.

LabView Introduction

    Test drive LabVIEW. Open LabVIEW and use Find Examples to run these VIs:
    • Moonlanding
    • Power Spectrum Measurement
    • Temperature System Demo

    Labview Introduction

    • Read Introduce and Connect sections in Online tutorial
    • Watch NI demos on front panel and block diagram
    • Build VI for temperature control ( - In Apply section of Online tutorial

    CNX Online tutorial: Introduction

    • LabVIEW (Read)
    • LabVIEW Environment (Read)
    • Front Panel (Read)
    • Block Diagram (Read)
    • Acquiring a Signal VI (Build (same as Ch. 1 in GSLV)
    • Dataflow Programming (Read)
    • Express Filter VI (Do)
    • LabVIEW Documentation Resources (Read)
    • Reduce Samples VI (Build (same as Ch. 2 in GSLV)

LabView VIs