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Winter 2022 Instructor: Matt Graham (web)
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Office Hours: Th 2:30-3:30, F 12-1, come in-person or Zoom
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03/16/22- Thanks for all your excellent contributions this term!

  Resources Items Covered Reading (recommended) Problem Sets Optional Resources or Video Supplements


available upon request]

Definitions and ideal gases, Thermodynamic Laws, Carnot Cycles, Entropy, Irreversible processes

Chap 1 (Jansen),
OR Schroeder 1.1 to 1.5, 4.1 to 4.4


available upon request]

2   Free energies, Thermodynamic and Chemical Potentials, Legendre Transforms, Maxwell's Relations, Thermodynamic Response Functions
Chap 2.1-2.5,
OR Sethna 5.1-3
Free energies

Thermodynamic and Mechanical Stability, Thermodynamics of Elastic and Magnetic Materials

[quiz on F]

Chap 2.7-2.9,


M: Thermodynamics of Magnetic Materials, Non-ideal gas behavior,
W: phase space, Ergodic theory, intro to statistical mechanics, microcanonical
F: Most probable distribution method, canonical ensemble
Friday's class is remote, asynchronous (download here or on Canvas video library)

Chap 3.1 -3.2

McQuarrie Ch #2


M: phase equilbrium/transitions and thermo review

W: Thermo Term Test Wed Feb. 2

F: Most Probable Distribution Method, Canonical Ensemble

Chap 1
Sethna: Ch 3, 5
McQuarrie Ch #2
6   Thermodynamic Observables, Calculating (canonical) partition functions, 2D Lattice

Sethna: Chap 6, Chap 2 (Jansen)

the 4-Ensemble: cheat sheet

7   Classical vs. Quantum gas, 2D Adsorption, Classical vs. Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

Sethna: Chap
6.1-6.3, 7.1-7.3

8   Maxwell-Boltzmann Speed Distribution, Grand canonical ensemble, fluctuations

Sethna: Chap 6-7

9   Critical opalesence, Solid state statistical mechanics, Ising model preview, Semiconductor stat mech/doping,
fermion statistics
Sethna: Chap 6, 7    

Bose-Einstein Statistic, Fermi Dirac Statistics, Fermi integrals and blackbody radiation

Interactive Review Session for Exam (Friday)

Sethna: Chap 7    
Final Exam MONDAY March 14 in 328 at 18:00

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